St. Clement Church is an Ocean Park parish. It was originally part of Santa Monica’s, but was put under the patronage of St. Clement in 1904. The area was then one of Southern California’s most popular summer resorts.

Pastor Michael I. Hennessy completed work on the church, two blocks from the waterfront, opened the school and served the parish for 23 years. He died in 1926. Monsignor Patrick Pierse, of County Kerry, Ireland, was pastor from 1926 to 1951. He remodeled the church, the rectory, and built the convent. Father John Cummings was pastor for 16 years. He died in 1979. Father William Williams, of Idaho, directed the parish for almost 20 years, until 1990. Father Edward Berumen, of Monrovia, was appointed in 1990 and Father Tomas A. Elis, of Panama, was named pastor of St. Clement in 2002. in 2006, Father Anthony Gonzalez was appointed pastor until June 2019.